Is Teeth Whitening Right For You?

Is Teeth Whitening Right for You? 

Professional teeth whitening is an affordable and popular cosmetic dentistry service. Over time, teeth can become discolored from smoking, drinking coffee, and eating certain foods. Although there are over-the-counter teeth whitening products, most of them are not as good or as safe as the whitening treatment you get in your dentist's chair. Dr. Ami Kagalwala and Dr. Jay Friedman are dentists at Trabuco Hills Dentistry in Mission Viejo CA. They specialize in cosmetic dentistry including professional teeth whitening.

What are Teeth Stains?

Extrinsic teeth stains (those on the surface of your teeth) are formed by microscopic particles that become trapped in the enamel on the surface of your teeth when you drink coffee, tea, or red wine and eat certain foods such as curry, tomato paste, and berries. Intrinsic stains are those that form beneath the surface of the enamel. This deeper discoloration can be caused by injury or antibiotic use. Intrinsic staining cannot be treated with teeth whitening and is usually treated with veneers. If you have teeth stains, contact Mission Viejo CA Cosmetic Dentistry office right away.

Why In-Office Whitening May Be Better for You

Mission Viejo CA Cosmetic Dentistry patients who want to brighten their teeth find those at-home teeth whitening toothpaste, strips, and whitening kits don’t whiten their teeth as many shades as they would like. This is because store-bought whitening systems are not as strong as those used in the dentist’s office. After all, they have to be safe enough to use at home.

Because professional whitening is performed by qualified professionals, it has a higher bleach content and so can whiten your teeth by up to 7 shades. It can also reach deep-set stains that over-the-counter whiteners cannot touch. Another factor is safety. When your dentist whitens your teeth, she will make sure that none of the whitening agents comes into contact with your gums, lips, or cheek tissue.

If you are looking for a dentist in Mission Viejo CA who specializes in cosmetic dentistry, you can reach Dr. Ami Kagalwala and Dr. Jay Friedman on (949) 859-1400.

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