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Dr. Ami Kagalwala

“I derive great satisfaction and pleasure from knowing that I’ve helped a patient’s overall health, well-being and made a distinct, positive difference in their life by providing them a dental treatment they deserve. Each day, I gain something from my patients, when they’re sharing their interests, their experiences, or even hearing a simple 'thank you.' Serving my patients iswhat makes my career so enjoyable and I thank them for giving me the opportunity.

It has always been my focus to make each patient feel comfortable and relaxed when they come to me for treatment. I work with full dedication to give my patients the attention they deserve.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the support of my husband and our son, the blessings of God, and the encouragement of my parents and god-parents.”

- Dr. Ami

A California Dental Board-awarded Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) dentist, Dr. Ami Kagalwala has been practicing dentistry for over 25 years. She has successfully completed extensive courses in orthodontics and Invisalign from the United States Dental Institute. She is also a member of numerous professional organizations including the American Dental Association (ADA), the California Dental Association (CDA), the Orange County Dental Association (OCDA), the Indian Dental Association (IDA), and the Mission Viejo Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Ami, both a general and cosmetic family dentist, is highly experienced with an extensive background in dental and oral health. Working with a gentle and caring hand, she is highly knowledgeable and experienced in several facets of oral care, including cosmetic, preventive, and restorative dentistry. She currently practices in Orange County, California.

Dr. Ami’s comprehensive approach involves a utilizing a team of top local specialists and ground-breaking medical technology, ensuring her patients always receive the highest quality care available.

She stays up-to-date with the latest advances in dentistry by attending lectures, meetings, and dental conventions so she can continue providing the highest quality care to her patients.

Dr. Jay R. Friedman

Implant Surgeon / Prosthodontist

Dr. Jay R. Friedman brings 30 years experience to Trabuco Hills Dentistry.

Dr. Friedman is an exceptionally skilled and patient-centered Dentist with extensive experience and expertise in clinical implant surgery. Notable
procedures include implant placement, grafting (sinus, ramus, particulate, and symphysis), extractions, and other surgical services.

He graduated from the SUNY Buffalo School of Dentistry in 1982, and in 1984 received a certification in Advanced Prosthodontics from the University of Southern California. In 1994, Dr. Friedman was invited to join the Faculty of the Misch International Implant Institute. One year later, he joined the faculty of Temple University Dental School. Dr. Friedman maintains a position on both faculties.

In addition to working with Trabuco Hills Dentistry and many more dental practices across the USA as an Implant Surgeon/Prosthodontist, he also,
presently serves as Department Head of Prosthodontics & Chairman of the Dental Implant Board for Camp Pendleton, CA, and Guest Lecturer for Naval Dental Centers at Bethesda, MD and San Diego, CA.

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